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For me, this book was love at first sight, from the Bernie Dexter cover shot to the impressive 240 pages inside. I noticed a bunch of familiar faces and was introduced to even more rising stars. "The MODERN PIN-UP" showcases today's gal, bold and saucy, with a nod back to classic pin-up style. A wonderfully presented, independently produced publication, "The MODERN PIN-UP" will be a beautiful addition to any coffee table but more than that, it's an ideal refrerence guide for aspiring pin-ups or anyone with a passion for pin up girls. Something you'll look back to again and again

Uncovering the Beautiful Truth
Written by Will “the Thrill” Viharo
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then The Modern Pin-Up by Flo Publishing is the Encyclopedia Britannica of 21st century cheesecake, expertly exposing a thriving subculture of sensuous sirens that excel at exuding eroticism without coming off as sleazy or salacious.

This piping hot coffee table tome presents an eye-popping plethora of photographic pulchritude with almost no text other than artistic credits and the forward by Granny Panty, a modern burlesque/pin-up icon in her own right, but with all those beautiful bodies sporting stunning sartorial styles on delectable display, who needs extraneous exposition? Just open this bountiful book to any pulsating page and your sensory-overloaded brain will flood with voluptuous verbiage that probably wouldn’t be fit for print, anyway.

Many of these magnificent models strike seductive poses deliberately reminiscent of or paying direct tribute to shapely legends like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, or artists like Alberto Varga and Gil Elvgren, while others adopt the fetishistic fantasies of foot- freak Elmer Batters, or the dominatrix satire of filmmaker Russ Meyer and cartoonist Eric Stanton. While all of the sexy subjects resonate with ribald reinvention, the aesthetic creativity of each individual portrait is the single quality that will impress appreciative audiences the most.

Refreshingly retro yet timelessly titillating, these gorgeous gals strip to the beat of a distant jazz/rockabilly drummer, eschewing contemporary waif-like standards and boldly showing off their finely-tuned flesh and fashions with finesse and fortitude. The Modern Pin-up proves that this sort of iconic imagery is not just a thing of the past, but also a present that is well worth unwrapping.

Will "The Thrill" Viharo is a freelance writer, host of the film series “Forbidden Thrills” at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, and creator of the long running cult movie cabaret “Thrillville.” He lives in Alameda, CA with his wife Monica “Tiki Goddess” Cortes and their two cats. His pulp novels “A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge,” “Lavender Blonde,” “Chumpy Walnut,” “Down a Dark Alley," and the "Vic Valentine, Private Eye" series are now available at

The Modern Pin Up – Pin Up pictures to delight and getting my crush on!
By Super Kawaii Mama

It isn’t often that one has semi naked pictures of their friends in their homes; that is unless you’re running some kind of 70?s party game.. but let’s not go there. The recent launch of the new coffee table book, “The Modern Pin Up” means just that; that I can sit back and admire some of the fantastic handiwork of my friends both behind and in front of the lens.  A stunning collection of modern pin up photographs that run the gamut from classic, to cyber; gothic to glam and everything in between. What these works have in common is celebration; celebration of fun, form and fantasy as each of these women collaborate with their photographers to let us share a piece of their world.

Staring back at me from the candy coloured cover, is the delightful and diminutive darling Bernie Dexter (we have a mutual girl crush going on), with her rosy cheeks and warm smile. As you turn each page the eyes that catch yours may be familiar or may be new acquaintances, but each has their own charm. With images by Shannon Brooke,Via Marie Studios, and even one of my Australian photographers Peter Coulsen amongst many others, the quality of the work is exceptional. Many of the ladies I have a soft spot for are featured numerous times throughout;  Danya Deluxe, Sabina Kelley, Dita Von Teese, Frankie Sin and fellow Australian model Samantha Doll.

I know how much we love to search out our favourite image online these days, but there is something wonderful, thrilling and personal about having these images to hold in your hand. The Modern Pin Up has earn it’s place on my bookshelf next to Gil Elvgren for a reason. This is the pinnacle of pin up art today. top ten Father's Day Gifts

Tempting Tome
Along with pool tables, beer-stocked mini-fridges and Monday night football, the pin-up girl is a staple of the mancave — that sacred space where guys can be guys and girls aren't allowed — unless they're posing seductively in a poster on the wall. While you can't physically pin up the 200+ images of tattooed 21st-century sirens found in The Modern Pin-Up: A Collection of Photographs, this hardbound coffee table book is sure to be right at home in Dad's den.